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Use Chatzy AI to build a conversational AI Agent for any use case instantly

E-Commerce and Retail

Chatzy AI can assist customers in their shopping experience by helping them find products, suggesting recommendations based on their preferences, and facilitating the ordering process. It can also handle order tracking and provide post-purchase support. Check out the use cases in detail.

Travel and Hospitality

Chatzy AI can assist travelers with booking flights, hotels, and rental cars. It can provide information about destinations, suggest itineraries, offer local recommendations, and answer travel-related queries. Check out the use cases in detail.

Banking and Finance

Chatzy AI can handle basic customer inquiries related to account balances, transaction history, and fund transfers. It can provide financial advice, assist in budgeting, and offer personalized recommendations for savings and investment plans. Check out the use cases in detail.


Chatzy AI can provide personalized customer assistance, streamline claims processing, and enhance operational efficiency. It can assist customers in finding the right coverage, guide them through the claims submission process, and offer policy management support. Check out the use cases in detail.


Chatzy AI can provide preliminary medical advice, and symptom analysis, and suggest self-care measures. It can assist in appointment scheduling, and medication reminders, and offer information about healthcare providers and facilities. Check out the use cases in detail.


Chatzy AI can support billing inquiries, recommend plans and upgrades, enable account management and self-service options, provide service outage notifications, and offer device support and troubleshooting. Check out the use cases in detail.


Chatzy AI can offer self-service options for customers, including bill inquiries, payment processing, service outage notifications, and energy usage insights, providing convenient and efficient customer support while reducing the workload on customer service teams. Check out the use cases in detail.


Chatzy AI can enhance the learning experience by providing personalized tutoring, answering student queries, and offering explanations for complex concepts. It can also assist in administrative tasks such as course enrollment and schedule management. Check out the use cases in detail.


Chatzy AI can deliver personalized news updates based on user preferences, curate and aggregate content, fact-check information, provide summaries of articles, and engage users in interactive conversations through feedback and discussions. Check out the use cases in detail.

Entertainment and Gaming

Chatzy AI can act as virtual companions, engage users in interactive storytelling, and provide personalized recommendations for movies, music, books, and games, and engaging fans through quizzes and contests. Check out the use cases in detail.

Health and Wellness

Chatzy AI can assist users in symptom checking, providing health information, scheduling appointments, offering personalized wellness recommendations, improving accessibility to healthcare resources, and promoting proactive self-care. Check out the use cases in detail.

Real Estate

Chatzy AI can help users search for properties based on preferences, answer property-related queries, provide virtual property tours, and facilitate appointment scheduling with real estate agents, streamlining the property search process and enhancing customer engagement. Check out the use cases in detail.

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Intuitive Conversational AI Bot Builder Platform

Chatzy AI is the no-code platform for making Conversational AI Agents designed to interact with customers in an intuitive manner. Our platform employs large language models to provide users with seamless, context-aware natural language interactions.

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