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Fair Use Policy

We strive to provide the Software as a Service Application (the “Service”) fairly to all our Users while maintaining correspondingly high levels of quality. In order to do so, we maintain this Fair Use Policy which applies to all Users.

The Service contains many features with varying effects on shared processing resources and data generation. Under this Fair Use Policy, we establish—in our sole discretion—“outer-bound” parameters intended to maintain the quality, availability, stability, uniformity, and performance of the Service (the “Parameters”). Nearly all Users (95%+) regularly fall well within the Parameters. Exceeding the Parameters may result in (i) throttling or limitation of access to the Service, with or without warning; and/or (ii) additional costs as may be set forth in an applicable Order Form.

This Fair Use Policy is considered part of the “Documentation” for the Service set forth in our online terms (the “Terms”) or the Master Subscription Agreement (“MSA”), in either case as applicable to you. Capitalized terms used but not defined below shall have the meaning outlined in the Terms or MSA. Additionally, per Sections 2(d) and 4(a) of the Terms or Exhibit A (Platform Guidelines) to the MSA (as applicable), all customers are required to comply with usage and content restrictions.

We reserve the right to update this or any other Documentation, at any time, including but not limited to changing Parameters. Such Parameters may be listed elsewhere in other Documentation.


If our team or system determines that you fail to comply with this Fair Use Policy, we may first lock your workspace and issue you a warning. Continued failure to comply may result in account suspension or cancellation, at our sole discretion.

Please reach out to if you need any further explanation or details.

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